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Schleibinger Geräte Teubert u. Greim GmbH

1990 Founded as Anton Schleibinger Company by O. Teubert and Anton Schleibinger. In this year we sold the first Viskomat PCs to SAFA, Baden-Baden and Schwenk Zement, Ulm . In this time we have been located in Munich, Bavaria

1993 Moved to Schwindegg, Mühldorf county

1994 Development of the Schleibinger CDF Freeze/Thaw tester

1995 Merger between the companies Anton Schleibinger, Oliver Teubert and Markus Greim. New name: Schleibinger Geräte Teubert u. Greim GmbH

1995 Erection of the new companies site in Buchbach

1998 Presentation of the new Viskomat NT at the ibausil conference in Weimar, Germany

1999 The Schleibinger shrinkage drain comes to the market

2000 at May, 15th, 2000 the 70th Viskomat is delivered. Four employees and about 1 Mio. Deutsch Marks total amount. At the ibausil conference the first Schleibinger shrinkage cone is presented. First instrument delivered to Greek. Patent applied.

2001 10th Colloquium Rheological Measurements of Building Materials at Regensburg, Germany. Schleibinger delivers the first CDF machine to the USA. First Viskomat training in Vilsbiburg, near Buchbach.

2002 The Schleibinger bending drain is presented. Patent applied. Incotec-Italia is our new sales partner in Italy.

2003 Schleibinger continuous its product development. In this year new: the Schleibinger curing simulator and the Schleibinger maturity meter for concrete. Schleibinger offers with the new Slab-Tester the whole measurement instruments for tests according to EN 12390-9, die EN 1340 and many other freeze/thaw standards. All Schleibinger instruments have now Internet connectivity.

2004 New: The Schleibinger thin layer measurement instrument. For measuring the shrinkage of very thin layers of material. The Alkali-Silica Reactor enhances our product range on the area of environmental simulation. . Schleibinger delivers instruments to Scotland, Australia and Hong Kong.

2005 The Ultrasonic Data Logger is measuring the very early setting of mortars. Our new temperature logger records 16 temperatures. Both instruments internet ready! Schleibinger is sponsoring the SCC 2005 Conference in in Chicago, IL. First time instruments where delivered to the PR China. After 4 years of checking the files the patent for the BT2 is given by the German Patent Office.

2006 Schleibinger sells instruments to each continent world-wide. Supported by sales partners in Austria, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Australia, Korea, New-Zealand, China...The Slabtester can flood the test-chamber for testing stones . The Viskomat has got a new drive and torque sensor as well as a new software. Also standard probes like cylinders and cone/plate systems are now available. The Shrinkage Cone can now be used for measuring the shrinkage of thin layers at controlled temperatures and an enhanced Laser sensor is used. The Shrinkage-Drain is new designed.

2007: The basket probe for the Viskomat NT was now on the market. It was developed by Prof. R. Vogel Weimar. The Slabtester is now available with a flooding vessel to thaw the specimen immersed in water. The AKR - Alkali Silica Reactor is developed. The first instruments are delivered to the VDZ, Düsseldorf. We where sponsoring conferences in Regensburg, Gent, Siegen, Essen, München...

2008: Economical the best year ever. Many thanks to our customers! Ten people care about the development, the production administration and  sales. Nearly 50% of the goods are delivered in foreign countries. Redesign of the maturity simulator. The first CDF machine in the PR of China is installed. Schleibinger is sponsoring the ICAAR conference in  Trondheim Norway, the  SCC2008 conference  in Chicago, the Rheology conference in Regensburg and others. 

2009: The economical, or better said bank crisis was also hitting Schleibinger. But not so heavy as we feared before. Schleibinger was sponsoring the Nordic Rheology Conference and RILEM Conference on Rheology in Iceland. At the ibausil conference in Weimar the new developed Viskomat XL Rheometer was first shown.  In the Sichuan province of China the first BT2 and Viskomat NT have been installed, and Schleibinger was sponsoring the SCC2009 conference in Beijing.

2010: Schleibingers 20th birthday. Hip hip hooray! Thanks to all customers, suppliers, employees, friends, dealers who have been with us, this exciting 20 years! Its not time to take a rest, but i believe it is allowed to be a little bit proud...Read here and here the comment of the local newspapers (in German)

2011: When we moved to Buchbach in 1995 we have been a 3 people company, now we are 9 people. The turnover increased  to more the 1 Mio. EUR. So we expanded our building from 200 to more the 600 square meters.  The erection of the building started in summer, and was nearly finished until the end of the year.  And a big jubilee was the 20th Conference "Rheology of Building Materials" at the University of Applied Science in Regensburg. More then 100 people of more then 10 countries have been there. With this University we also established a research project sponsored by the German government.

2012: Our supplier for Ultrasonic test system for more then 15 years CNS-Farnell stopped its business in 2011. So we decided to develop our own system called vicasonic. Focus of the development was to measure the inner damage during the CDF freeze thaw test, as well as the early setting and hardening of mortar.
When the concrete rheometer BT2 came to market in 1998 controlling it with a Palm handheld computer via infrared was a revolutionary concept. Unfortunately also the Palm was canceled by its owner HP computers, USA. So we made a new design of the BT2 called eBT2. Its now electrical driven instead of the hand wheel, and controlled wireless via Bluetooth by an Android Smartphone. Lets hope that Googles Android will live at least as long the Palm operating system. In 2012 we also started cooperation with Aimil for the Indian market. The first viskomat was delivered to Chile. In 2012 we could increase our turnover again.

2013: In cooperation with Putzmeister Germany (in between a Sany China branch) we started the development of a new teinstrument for testing the pumpability of fresh concrete. This new product is called SLIPER

2014: In the US standard ASTM C 1581 a test method for measuring the restrained shrinkage of concrete is defined. Schleibinger is now producing the first commercial available instrument, following these guideline. Its called Shrinkage-Ring. The first Viskomat was delivered to Sukhoi Log Cement in Russia.

2015: Schleibinger is increasing its production capacity with a computer controlled milling machine and a computer controlled turning center. We are now 25 years old and well established on the national ind international markets. We have got another patent for our shrinkage measurement bending plate.

2016: Schleibinger is now member of the RILEM Technical Comitee MRP: “Measuring Rheological Properties of Cement-based Materials”. RILEM Is the leading international organization for material research and testing. In February the conference “Rheology of Building Materials” was organized  at the OTH Regensburg.

2017: Schleibinger was invited to present its new developed concrete rheometer eBT-V at a conference in the BASF headquarter in Ludwigshafen, Germany and also at LafargeHolcim in Switzerland. Another new product was the Salt-Water-Freeze-Thaw (SWF) testing machine first installed at the Technical University Dortmund. We are the only producers of such device according to the EN 13687.


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New Product Catalog

We have updated our product catalog, now including the SLIPER, the ASTM Shrinkage Ring and the new Vane System for the Viskomat XL. Please download it here!



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