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30 Years Schleibinger Geräte, We Will Keep Up....


In May 1990 we delivered our first instrument, a rheometer Viskomat PC to the Schwenk Zement KG. 

Some days ago we have to repair a rheometer Viskomat PC, owned by a another big cement manufacturer, built in 1994. The operating hours counter, which is only running if the rheometer is measuring, showed 27767.51 hours. With an average weekly working time of 38.5 hours this are 13 years and 10 months of uninterruped measurment operation. The small electronic problem was fixed shortly. And so we are hoping with our customer that the Viskomat will reach the 50.000 hours.

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3D Printing supported by the Schleibinger SLIPER

SLIPER at Weber Beamix

Weber Beamix purchases a Schleibinger Sliper for the research of printable mortar
With the purchase of the Schleibinger Sliper, Weber Beamix owns a new and very accurate instrument to determine the pumpability of concrete. This delivery is extra special because Weber Beamix will use the Sliper for the (further) development of printable mortar from a 3D printer. Through the collaboration with our Dutch partner Newa Schleibinger is proud to contribute to this great innovation with this delivery. We wish Weber Beamix good luck with its research and the Schleibinger Sliper. Would you like to know more about the Schleibinger Sliper? Please check this website. Interested in other products? Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.


Not only for Concrete: Schleibinger Concrete Rheometer eBT-V in the Antarctic Sea


Two researchers from the University Duisburg-Essen have been in the Antarctic Sea from July to August 2019. The scientists Dr.-Ing. Tommy Mielke and Felix Paul, B.Sc. from the Institut für Materialwissenschaften have been testing the the rheological properties of so called frazil-ice. Looking for an extreme robust, battery powered rheometer they decided to to take the eBT-V with their trip into the ice around the South pole. 

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eBT-V Smart-Phone controlled mobile Rheometer for fresh concrete

eBT-VeBT-V, P-mode


SLIPER - Measuring the pumpability of fresh concrete   Putzmeisters News Blog gives a short report about the SLIPER


VIKASONIC Measuring early setting of mortar and paste with the ultrasonic method


Measuring Restrained Shrinkage according to ASTM C-1581 with the Schleibinger Shrinkage Ring




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