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The Shrinkage Drain is made of a 1m long u-shaped stainless steel profile which contains the specimen. To avoid wall friction the drain is covered with a removable Neopren ® sheet. On one side a removable anchor is fixed. On the other side this anchor is movable and sliding on three wheels. The motion of this anchor is registered by a high sensitive digital probe .


As displacement sensor we are using a digital probe which is connected to the Probe Interface Electronics  which converts the analogue signals from the probe head into a digital format.

Up to 10 probes may be connected over a digital bus system. The distance between the probes and the Datalogger may be several hundreds of meters. A data-logger supplied with the system the data of several shrinkage drains are registered and stored in the logger as standard ASCII text files. Optional a synchronous registration of temperature and humidity is possible. Several temperature channels and a mixed temperature /humidity channel are available.You may also connect a balance (option).

The logger has a network interface (Ethernet) So you can easily integrate it into local Intranet. With a standard web-browser software you can readout the data, and visualize it. For further data handling we recommend Microsoft Excel ® ore any similar visualization program.

No special PC software is necessary. You need only your browser-software like Firefox ore Internet-Explorer.



  • Now described in the Austrian standard: OENORM B 3329:2009-06-01, Grout - Requirements and test methods




Technical Data

Specimen Length 1000 mm (standard), 500 mm or 250 mm (option)
Specimen Diameter 60 * 40 mm (mortar) or 100 * 60 mm (concrete)
Measurement Range 5 mm
Resolution: 0,3 µm
Typical Accuracy : Better then ±2 µm
Temperature Control (option) Double wall floor and walls with aluminum core and copper tubes can be connected to a chiller for temperature control
Temperature Measurement (option) Thermocouple type K for embedding into the specimen
Temperature- and Moisture Measurment (option) Temperature and humidity sensor for measuring the environmental conditions. Stainless steel housing.

Also available :

  • double wall drain for cooling and heating (see picture below)

  • different lengths like 250mm and 500mm

  • different cross sections like 60 * 100 mm (for concrete)

  • Add. humidity and temperature sensor for measuring the environmental conditions
  • Thermocouple sensore for embedding into the mortar or concrete


Se below the double wall version:


Order Codes

Drain for Mortar  60 x 40 x 1000 mm with LVDT displacement sensor  S0103
Drain for Mortar 60 x 40 x 1000 mm w/o LVDT S0102
Drain for Mortar60 x 40 x 250 mm with LVDT S01044
Drain for Mortar 60 x 40 x 500 mm with LVDT S0104
Cellular Rubber for the Mortar Drain S0008
Drain for Concrete 100 x 60 x 1000 mm with LVDT S0033
Drain for Concrete 100 x 60 x 1000 mm w/o LVDT S0034
Drain for Concrete 100 x 60 x 500 mm with LVDT S0036
Cellular Rubber Sheet for Concrete S0014
Anchor for the Mortar and Concrete Drains S0020
Double Wall Temperature Control Option S0035
Data Logger for up to 10 Drains S0001
Data Logger Input Thermocouple Type K, incl. Sensor S0027
Data Logger Input Temperature/Humidity Sensor,
incl. combinded Sensor



Data Sheet

User Manual



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