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A LASER Beam Measurement of early Shrinkage and Expansion of Building Materials: contact-less and with high resolution!

Shrinkage ConeWith Schleibingers patented innovation the Schleibinger Shrinkage Cone it is possible to measure the shrinkage or expansion of fluid building materials in the first minutes and hours after addition of water. The expansion of the building material is registered contact-less and very accurate by a laser beam.

To ensure the measured distance correlates with the relative length change of the material a special formed double wall sample container is used. The design of the sample container allows a connection with an external temperature control unit for heating or cooling the sample during the measurement.

The length change is registered with a resolution of < 2 mikron. The measurement values are digitized and stored by the software delivered with the system. In addition, simultaneous recording of the measurement of the temperature and humidity of the environment and the temperature and the weight change of the sampe are possible.


Measurement Procedure

  • Fill the fluid building material into the cone-shaped specimen container
  • The container is placed under the laser unit.
  • the position of the laser unit is adjusted with a adjustment knob on the frame of the device.
  • the offset and start of the measurement is done by a mouse click on your computer.
  • the measurement data are digitized and stored in the data logger
  • The data logger has a network interface and can be integrated into a intranet or lab network.
  • Look at a small video to see how it works...


 shrinkage cone measurement principle

For an angle of 60° the Volume V = 1/9 * pi * h³ . With h = 100mm V = 349 cm3


Example Measurement

The following graphic shows measurement results of the cement pastes with different cement fineness:

example measurement shrinkage cone



Technical Data

Measurement Range 10 mm
Basic distance 25 mm
Reproducibility better 0.5 µm
Linearity better ±8 µm
Resolution better 2 µm
Volume / height sample container for mortar or paste ca. 349 cm³ / 100 mm
Volume / height sample container for concrete ca. 682 cm³ / 125 mm
Laser Power < 1 mW at 670 nm Class 2 according to DIN EN 60825-1:2008-05 and IEC 60825-1:2015

Changes are reserved for technical progress. DBPa registered.


 Scope of Delivery for Order Code S0050

  • Shrinkage cone boomstand with LASER
  • Mortar cone -  specimen container with about 360 ml volume (S0052). Ready for temperature control with a chiller (open circulation). 
  • Datalogger (S0001) for data recording with network interface and built in WEB server.
  • Input for a thermocouple type K (S0027) incl. one set of thermocouple (S0028).
  • Input for a combined humidity and temperature sensor including sensor (S0103). 
  • Input for a data recording of  balances type Mettler, Sartorius or Kern incl. a big groundplate (S0030). 
  • 10 partition foils for the mortar cone (360 ml)  (S0053)
  • One LASER reflector (S0050)


  • Concrete cone - specimen container for fresh concrete with about 700 ml volume (S0053). Ready for temperature control with a chiller (open circulation). 
  • 10 partition foils for the concrete cone (S00531). 




User Manual

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