Measurement Gauge

According to the new EN 12390-16:2019 Testing hardened concrete - Part 16: Determination of the shrinkage of concrete; and many others!

for determine the length change of concrete slabs sized 280 x 75 x 75 mm or cylinders 300 x 150 mm (or smaller) other sizes on request. Made of carbon fibre to reduce the temperature dependent length change to a minimum. 

There is a socket in the base plate for fixing a 10 mm stainless steel ball. Incl. a digital probe resolution 0.5 Mikron, accuracy better +/-2.6 Mikron. Including a reference bar (carbon) 280 or 300 mm. 
Optional also other kind of gauge studs following DIN EN or ASTM are available.

Also for specimen with max. 500 mm length available!



anchorsAdditional we deliver the according anchors or gauge studs for the concrete specimen. 14 mm hexagon bolts, central hole M5 (5mm) with countersink 9mm x 45°, stainless steel 1.4305. This anchors may be used with the ASR mold for specimen 27 x 75 x 280 mm, made of stainless steel. Smaller size (SW 10 mm) on request.


anchorRefernce mark for glueing, stainless steel, Other sizes and shapes on request. 


 referencebar Reference Bar carbon fiber reinforced. Size of 160 - 500 mm; Please specify desired length in mm when ordering.



Order Codes


Measurement Gauge incl. Digital probe and Reference Bar (S01112)  S0111
Measurement Gauge w/o Digital probe, w/o Reference Bar S0113
Reference Bar up to length 300 mm S01112
Reference Bar 300 .. 400 mm S01112B
Reference Anchor S0115
Reference mark for gluing S0120
ASR mold, stainless steel   K0113

 other dimensions on request!




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