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Viskomat XL - Rheometer for Mortar and Fresh Concrete

The Schleibinger viskomat XL, Rheometer for Mortar and Fresh Concrete up to 8 and more mm Grain Size


Based on 20 years experience with rheometers for mortar and fresh concrete, Schleibinger has de­ve­loped a new instrument called viskomat XL. Its filling the gap between the viskomat NT for mortar and paste with a specimen volume of 360 ml and the con­crete rheometer eBT-V with a sam­ple vol­ume of 20 l. The operation principle of the viskomat XL is near the same as for the viskomat NT. So a mixer formed probe is measuring the torque, and the specimen vessel is rotating. An additional scraper is cleaning the wall of the vessel. Also a Vane probe for a max. grain size of 20 mm is available. 

Very dynamic speed range

The speed may be 0.0001 to 80 rpm in both directions, clockwise or counter clockwise. You may be define the speed in several steps, in an linear increase or decrease of speed. As option also an oscillating or shear stress controlled  mode is possible.

High Torque Range

The viskomat XL has a torque range from 0..10000 Nmm with a resolution of 0.05 Nmm and accuracy better then 0.02 Nm.

Temperature control

Temperature control is realized by a double wall specimen container, where a cooling liquid is circulating. The specimen temperature is measured with a RTD mounted inside the shaft of the probe.

High Time Resolution

The sampling rate my be set from 0.005s .. 1min.

Shear Stress Control Mode

As option you may run the viskomat XL with a shear stress controlled mode. So you preset the torque over time, and the speed is automatically controlled to achieve the predefined torque. 

Oscillation Mode

The oscillation mode gives information about the storage modulus G' and the loss modulus G'' ,as well as the plastic and elastic properties of your material.



The Viskomat XL Probes
There are 4 different probes available (from the left):

  • Window Probe for mortar and paste (VX0013) up to 4mm aggregate size
  • Concrete or Fishbone Probe (VX0011) for max. 8 mm
  • Vane Probe VX0004 for concrete and a sample container insert to avoid wall slippage (VX0005)
  • Sphere Probe consisting of 3 spheres with a diameter of 10, 20 and 30 mm. Max. torque 640 Nmm (VX0007)


A Small Video About Handling the viskomat XL



Liu, Y.; Jing, R.; Yan, P. Comparative Study of Different Measurement Methods for Characterizing Rheological Properties of Lubrication Layer.   
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The viskomat XL is controlled via a network interface . Simple connect your PC and start your Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome or Firefox for full control and data transfer. No special software installation necessary.


Height 920 mm, width 315 mm, depth 410 mm, weight 68 kg.
Delivered with 3.5l vessel, inner diameter 165 mm, inner depth 175 mm, online Display with LCD screen, 4 USB-ports, incl. 1 meas. vessel, 1 fishbone probe for concrete (max. aggr. size 8 mm ) and 1  Vane probe with 6 wings (height 69 mm, diameter 69 mm) max. grain size > 16 mm, 1 scraper, user manual. 

Technical Data :

Application: Rheometer for mortar paste and fresh concrete up to 6..20 mm.
net. size (hxwxd) 920 x 315 x 410 mm
specimen Volume 3.5 l, 3 l usable inner diameter 165mm,
height 175 mm, others sizes on request
motor speed range 0.0001..80 rpm / 1.6 10-5 .. 1.4 10-0 1/s in both directions
motor torque max. 15 Nm
motor angle measurement accuracy better ± 0.05 °
meas. torque ranges ±0..3000 Nmm and ±0...10000 Nmm
meas. torque resolution 0.05 N mm
meas. torque accuracy better 20 Nmm, depending on the measurement range
temperature sensors RTD PT100 1/10 DIN B
cooling and heating double wall vessel connected to an external chiller
controller extra box, 110..230V, 50..60Hz, max. 800W
controller interfaces 4 x USB, 2 x GBit network, HDMI, ext. SATA
user interface Colored screen with online graphic, or external PC / tablett
server WEB, FTP, SSH
safety Special proximity sensor with automatic stop function.

Order codes:

viskomat XL, incl. software, electronic, fishbone probe, vane probe (w/o cage VX0005),
scraper, vessel, monitor, mouse, keyboard, user manual
Anti wall slippage cage or basket as inlet for the standard vessel VX0005
Vane probe with 6 blades (already incl. in VX0001) VX0004
Concrete probe, also called fishbone probe (already included in VX0001) VX0011
Double wall vessel incl. valves for temperature control VX0009
Window probe for mortar and paste VX0013
Sphere probe set (10mm, 20mm 30mm diameter). Stainles steel incl 3 supports. VX0007
Chiller V0019
Scraper for the viskomat XL VX0021
Shear stress controlled drive VX0006
Oscillation mode (requires VX0006) VX0030

Technical data may be changed without notice



User Manual

Video Download




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