The Basket-Probe

Its well known that standard probes for rheometers like cylinder-cylinder system doesn't work well for building materials like mortars and pastes. Due to the segregation of the coarse and the liquid phase the so called wall slippage may be occure. This may be reduced by rough or ripped surfaces of the probes. Another suggestion is to replace the adhesion forces between the wall and the-material by cohesion effects between the material itself. A shearing two layers of material may be approximated if you build up a layer of material with a filigrane structure of meshes.

Design of the Probe

Based on the operation principle a known double ring-gap probe is enhanced by a special designed inner cylinder. Its not a rigid but structured like a basket. 
Prerequesite for using this probe is a stable fluid like:

Patent pending


A scientific paper from Prof. R. Vogel  you will find  here  and another in German here

Order code

V0014  Basket Probe




Brochure as pdf

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