Ultrasonic Cleaning Aparatus C0014


Ultrasonic Cleaning Aparatus, for removing loose parts from the concrete surface. Inner size 320x300x150 mm. HF Power 2 x 450 W








Vikasonic U0001


Ultrasonic Digital Indicating Tester. For measuring the transition time, incl. 80 kHz or 54 kHz transducers. Ultrasound couplant, two cables, complete with plugs and  manual.





Ultrasonic Test Container C0026

US bathFor 150 mm specimens, made of PMMA. With long transducers allowing the testing of specimens of  110 x 150 mm size.
Other sizes also available





Specimen Carrier 100 x 150 mm C0136

CarrierStainless steel plate. During the ultra sonic transition time test, the specimens are placed on this plate to avoid loss of scaled material, for specimens with a maximum size of 110 x 150 mm




Specimen Container GNB1/2

Gastronorm container

150x150 mm
other  sizes also avilable

GD-B 1/2 lid



Specimen Container for the Cube Test C0114

VDZ container

made of 2 mm thick stainless steel,  for two 100x100x100 mm cubes. Including lid and special spacers. A maximum of 15 containers fit in the CDF apparatus.



Specime Container for the ASTM C666  Procedure A

for specimen size of 1 foot x 4 inch x 4 inch (304.8 x 101.6 x 101.6 mm). Outer dimensions: 320 x 105 x 105 mm
made of stainless steel. Max. 20 container fit into the CDF machine. Other sizes on request. Container for the ASTM C666 A test






Hopper Container C0017

container for 10 hoppers, with water-tap. 








Water Jet Pump C0030


Unit for adjusting liquid level. The suction device consist of a capillary tube with a spacerthat is connected with a water jet pump to suck up the excessive liquid in the test containers.





PTFE Disks C0035

ptfe plates

according to the RILEM recomendation for preparing the CDF/CIF specimens. With hydrophobic surface serving as mould inlet.




Alumium Foil with Butyl Rubber C0021

butyl rubberLateral sealing for the CDF specimens. Durable at -20°C, resistant against attack of de-icing solution.
Length: 5.0 m; Width 7.5 cm


Spacer 5mm C0040spacer

made of PVDF. At least 3 pieces are recomended for each specimen

Also available 10mm C0038 


Video about the CDF accessories

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