Durability is, beneath the strength, one of the most important properties of concrete.  

Beneath the freeze-thaw resistance also the ASR resistance comes more and more in the public focus. 

Schleibinger is producing and delivers the 

according to several European, US and other  standards.

Since March 2017  DIN CEN/TS 12390-9 DIN SPEC 91167 is available as a supplement to DIN CEN/TS 12390-9:2006-08.

Important changes / additions:


(available from Schleibinger)

Not well known yet is the standard CEN/TR 15177 2006-06
Testing the Freeze-Thaw Resistance - Inner Damage

Die Freeze Thaw test may be done with 3 different procedures: 

The inner damage is  measured by the ultrasonic test, the resonance frequency test, or the length change. 


CDF Standard , English

CIF Standard, English


A presentation about the CDF machine and the CDF and CIF test procedure



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